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South to Alaska

Moose for Breakfast



Moose for Breakfast


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Trade Paperback, 124 pages

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Book Description
The poetry and essays in Nancy Owens Barnes' Moose for Breakfast leads readers into a humbling world where crawdads school us, where rivers beckon us, and where the true texture of life reveals itself. With crystal-clear imagery, Barnes' writing inspires renewed appreciation of one's natural surroundings.


"These poems and essays warm us with their delicate glimmerings of light, propel us deep into mysterious and spotless landscapes—places where we walk the same paths with moose and bear; where our eyes ascend to follow flights of geese. Nancy Owens Barnes builds a wide, vibrant spaciousness for us, where we wander with her over the broad and lyric lands of the American West. There is joy in these wanderings and wonder as we travel with her from Oklahoma to Alaska and Idaho. Here somewhere between meadow and mountain, between glaciers and green islands her words frame a space for us to briefly take in a free and wild breath."

 Mike Burwell, University of Alaska adjunct
professor of Creative Writing  & Literary Arts
and author of C
artography of Water

"Replete with black and white photographs, haiku and longer poems and essays, Moose for Breakfast is the perfect companion to a morning of introspection and reflection. Along the lines of 20th century writer Rene Char, who said that a poet “must leave traces of his passage, not proof,” this charming collection of poems strikes notes that are as gentle and delicate as leaves on the water, or the footprints of animals. This is poetry of the most accessible kind. And yet, there is insight here, there is an awareness of the process and the beauty of life and how it invariably links to nature. The cold depth of a glacier, the feathery, bulbous wonder of a tadpole, the fireweed drawing life from ashes all have a story to tell. A delightful volume for quiet days."

 Holly Chase Williams, Book Reviewer
Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine

"The simple beauty of the outdoors is so often lost on city folk. "Moose for Breakfast: Outdoor Poems and Essays" is the work of Nancy Owens Barnes, celebrating the great outdoors through entertaining and fine verse. For those with a like minded view and a taste for poetry, "Moose for Breakfast" is an enjoyable and recommended read."

 Midwest Book Review

"This little book will feed your spirit and nourish your soul. The author's carefully crafted and introspective poems brought back my own childlike wonder of nature and reminded me of my emotional ties to the natural world in which I live."

 Mary Jane Honegger, freelance
journalist and screenwriter

"Although I admit to having Poemphobia since being forced to read poems in college, I really enjoyed Nancy Owens Barnes' poetry and short stories in "Moose for Breakfast." I was pleasantly reminded of Alaska and all the good things about living in areas where wild things roam, the air is pure, and the characters are real."

 M. D. Kincaid, author of
Alaska Justice and Alaska & Beyond

"This book is a delightful compilation of poetry, pictures and essays. Nancy draws with words clear images so that it is easy to see a picture in your mind or develop the feeling of the topic. I can see the geese flying, for instance, and get that sense that the season is changing. Her stories are filled with excellent insight. "A Mountain of My Own" showed me the author's courage of and interest in accepting and looking forward to substantial changes in life. The beautiful pictures are an added bonus. I recommend this book from elementary age children to seniors."

 Jennifer Rova, freelance writer

"It has been a long time since I've read any poetry and I found this to be an easy "reintroduction" to this genre. The pictures created by the words quickly developed in my mind. For me that means easy reading. I especially enjoyed the essays, a delightful "outdoor stew" of memories. The black and whites produced on ecru added to the peacefulness of the read."

 William Chapman



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